Strategic Planning

Preferred Future #1

ADRA Practices a biblical view of Social Responsibility and deepens the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s understanding of and engagement in faith-based social action.

Preferred Future #2

ADRA utilizes effective partnerships with target communities and other stakeholders in order to achieve programmatic success.

Preferred Future #3

ADRA is recognized for its integrity, quality, excellence, effectiveness, and agility in its programs and operations.

Preferred Future #4

ADRA advocates with and on behalf of vulnerable communities to bring about positive change.

Preferred Future #5

ADRA balances the strengths of global identity and standardization with the agility of local initiative.

Preferred Future #6

ADRA has a committed and qualified workforce and invests in employee satisfaction and growth.

Preferred Future #7

ADRA’s activities are supported by a diverse and stable funding base.

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